Month: May 2017

Sir Matthew Rorick @ The Real Wine Fair!

No, that’s not Santa Clause, that’s Matthew Rorick representing Forlorn Hope wines at The Real Wine Fair in London!

Here’s a description of The Real Wine Fair from their Facebook page, just to get you all caught up:

“The Real Wine Fair is a wine tasting event, celebrating skilled individuals who work organically or biodynamically in the vineyards and winery. Over 100 growers and winemakers will be presenting hundreds of wines, made as naturally as possible. Visitors to The Real Wine Fair can meet and talk to the winegrowers, whilst having the opportunity to taste a diverse range of honest, terroir-driven wines. Several real wine ‘heroes’ have also been lined up for a series of seminars and debates. There will also be delicious artisan food & drink by leaders of the UK restaurant, bar, and street food scene.”

So now that we know what’s happening, here’s a video of our man Matt talking about wine & stuff!