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2017 Winter Release!

It’s that time again – to release some new rare creatures into the wild.

In these chill days of winter we bring you four wines to warm the heart and quicken the senses:

2012 Nacré, emerging after four long years of bottle aging in our favorite time of the year for pairing with oysters.

2015 Gemischter Satz, our single-vineyard field blend of nearly 40 different German and Austrian varieties.

2015 Ost-Intrigen, a light and nimble 100% stem-inclusion St. Laurent from Dale Ricci’s Carneros vineyard. Tastes and smells like walking through a Moroccan spice market.

2014 Onavolk, our first release of Merlot grown on the schist and limestone of Rorick Heritage Vineyard. It’s silky, structured and will make you love Merlot again (or for the first time).

Allocations start on Feb 2 – check it!

On the Farm, Day Drinking & Chez Panisse

We have been getting a metric f*ck ton of rain, which is great for the vines and for our reservoir. Matthew says he has never seen the creek as full and raging with water as it is right now.

It was awesome as always to be up on the property and surrounded by vines and ferments. In addition to touring around checking out the frost and water, we did some topping and prepping for bottling. Then we piled in the Toyota & spent a little time in the Vermentino block checking in on the grafts that were put in last season. The block is on an insanely steep incline and a good glute workout was had by all.


This week we will be bottling the Gemischter Satz & some 350ml Late Harvest dessert wine. Excited to get some more rare creatures into bottle & release them into the wild. Speaking of which, keep a look out for the winter release, coming sooooon.

Yesterday we did a tasting @ Ordinaire Wine in Oakland & it was poppin’! Thanks to everyone who came out and day drank their Saturday away with us and to the boys of Ordinaire for the hospitality.

Afterwards we had a fantastic impromptu, traffic-inspired dinner at Chez Panisse. Thanks to John & his incredible team for such a ridiculously lovely experience!

As always, keep up with our shenanigans via Instagram & Facebook – @forlornhopewines & our tasting room @outlandnapa


FH Happenings


We are finally making the whole blog thing happen, although we prefer the term “non-fiction active journal.” So here we go! Many things are happening with Forlorn Hope. We just did our first allocation-based release this Fall, which was awesome. We had a tremendous outpouring of love from all of you rare creature fans. Thank you, thank you, thank you! We also presented our first-ever wine club & that too went exceedingly well. It is such an incredible opportunity to share with you an arrangement of the rarest of the rare creatures, limited bottling, library wines and more.

Tasting Room! Yes – yes, you read it right. We are opening a joint tasting room with Poe Wines & Farella.

Sneak peak of the N.Cal relief map in Outland

Sneak peak of the N.Cal relief map in Outland

Outland is located at 920 Franklin Street in Downtown Napa. Michael McDermott has designed a magical space and we can not wait until it is stocked with wine-drinking friends. Stay tuned for more on the opening, which will be within the next few weeks…Our instagram account is filled with pretty pictures & updates as well.

Until next time, cheers! Xoxoxoxo