Hello! My name is Matthew Rorick. I make the Forlorn Hope wines. Winemaking, for me, revolves around stories. Within each glass can be found a tale that tells of season and soil, of history and vision, of careful planning and pure chance. I also make guitars, and play them (often loudly, infrequently well). I found my passion for food and wine at my grandfather's table, where the elder Rorick's love of sharing a bottle, a meal, and good conversation inspired my career in winemaking. After receiving my degree in Viticulture and Enology from UC Davis, I worked on a diverse number of winemaking projects including collaborations with wineries in New Zealand, South Africa, and Chile, as well as with Peter Michael Winery, Chasseur, and Miura Vineyards in California, among others. The broad array of different winemaking and grape growing techniques and philosophies I encountered provided a unique practical counterpoint to the theory I learned at University and flavor my current direction in the winery. The Forlorn Hope wines were born to connect the thread between California's boundless viticultural potential and its diverse viticultural history. In addition to the vines my family and I farm, I work with a handful of growers across the north of the state whose plantings might otherwise be misfits: the uncommon sites and varieties that pay tribute to California's eclectic and often unexpected viticultural heritage. Taking cues from the stones and soil, I endeavors to interrupt the natural development of each of his wines as little as possible in order that the character and uniqueness of each vineyard site may take center stage.
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