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Barbera 2 Waystwo bottles

$62.00 750mL

Within the world of wine, the topic of SO2 (sulfur dioxide) use (or not) in wine is often presented as a dogmatic argument, most often through a lens of misinformation and a lack of understanding of the chemistry that governs the behavior of sulfur in biological systems. 

Using SO2 in wine is like buying insurance. You don’t know whats going to happen, but protecting your assets from the unknown can give peace of mind and still produce a delicious wine faithfully representative of its variety.

We believe the truth will help inform you on the topic of SO2, and have bottled a pair of Barberas that allows you make that decision for yourself.

Do you:
1. Enjoy wine with no added SO2
2. Enjoy wine with added SO2
3. Don’t really care, they are both enjoyable!

We have made one Barbera wine. However, once the wine completed fermentation, one barrel was held aside to age without the protection of SO2 while the remaining barrel of wine had minimal SO2 added in order to prevent potential oxidation and protect it from potential microbial spoilage. Ultimately, this small addition of SO2 completely changes the wine and you end up with two very different bottles. Both wonderfully delicious for different reasons.

Barbera 2 Ways two bottles - Forlorn Hope Wines

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