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2021 Bloque TristeGamay

$34.00 750mL

The 2021 Bloque Triste is a tragicomedy from RHV’s Gamay Block – the block that just can’t catch a break. We introduced Gamay to the ranch in 2017, and it got nailed with frost when the new buds were barely out. No worries, next year, right? Except that in 2018 a gang of rogue deer broke into the block in the spring and ate every bit of new growth they could get their teeth on. Almost half of the plants in the block died as a result of this one-two punch, so we re-planted new rootstock and scored some fresh budwood from UC Davis. Much to our delight, many of the new clones from Davis showed amazingly strong growth in 2019 and we were pretty stoked – until we discovered that the vines growing with vim and vigor were a nursery mistake, and actually Garganega. I mean, can’t this block of Gamay catch a break? Yeah, nah. So keeping lemons to lemonade and all that, in 2020 we just picked the whole block together and co-fermented the Gamay and Garganega. In 2021, we painstakingly separated the Garganega from the Gamay, fermented it 100% whole cluster, and achieved one lonesome barrel of wine. It was left to age in a neutral 227L barrique for 2 years until it was bottled unfined and unfiltered in the summer of 2023. The result, a triumph against all odds. An aged Gamay that offers unique flavors and complexities that develop over time in your glass. Rusticity and resolved tannin; blue fruits and sandalwood; tree sap and chocolate covered cherries. This is an exciting addition which we hope the block will allow us to continue making.

  • Blend100% Gamay
  • CountryUSA
  • RegionCalifornia
  • Sub-RegionSierra Foothills
  • AppellationCalaveras County
  • VineyardRorick Heritage Vineyard
  • Farming MethodOrganic/no till
  • Oakneutral
  • Release DateMarch 2024
  • Production24 cases
2021 Bloque Triste Gamay - Forlorn Hope Wines

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